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Scientific peer-reviewed journal INVERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY publishes original papers, reviews and brief communications on morphology, anatomy, embryology, taxonomy, phylogeny, and ecology of any group of invertebrates from protistans to lower chordates.

Invertebrate Zoology accepts manuscripts in English or Russian and publishes them in printed and electronic versions. The Russian translations of English titles, abstracts and figure captions of the papers written by non-Russian authors can be provided by the editors.

Invertebrate Zoology invites authors to publish extended monographic manuscripts after usual reviewing procedure. The monographic manuscripts can include up to 400 thousand letters and be prepared in English or in Russian. Accepted monographic manuscripts will have priority to be published in the nearest issue of the journal.

All  publication are free of charge.  PDF files of all printed papers can be downloaded for free. High resolution e-prints available for the authors for free (after request).



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